Review: Christian Media Magazine

Each Friday I’ll take a look at a book, website, or resource to help make your message matter.

Today I’ll be looking at


Christian Media Magazine is an online source for articles about preaching, worship, and the technical side of church media. It boasts over 50,000 subscribers and a long list of featured writers, among them Greg Atkinson, author of Strange Leadership and Church Leadership Essentials and also the outgoing editor of Christian Media Magazine has been around for over 7 years now.

Here is the mission statement direct from their website:

Our mission at Christian Media Magazine is to focus on the people desiring to use these new outlets for the kingdom. Sharing their ideas and interacting in an immediate and personal way. At CMM, we’ve been celebrating, educating and highlighting all media for Christians, church leaders, and pastors around the world since 2008.

Categories on the site include Social Media, Worship & Leadership, Media Resources, and Entertainment. Along with providing helpful tips on the technical side of church ministry, Church Media Magazine offers commentary on movies, music, and art in the non-church world.

The site is very slick and easy to navigate. Many of the articles are quick and to the point and most are in the list style that is so popular nowadays. For instance, here’s an article on how to have productive worship rehearsals. Another article gave some great advice on how to shoot an effective testimony video. Yet another article is a critique of the latest Hunger Games movie that both cautions and inspires viewers of the genre.

Christian Media Magazine suffers at times from the problem of churning out content for content’s sake, something I’m all too familiar with myself. And the articles can be hit and miss. While some may go deep into detail and are quite helpful, others are short and too vague. All in all, though, this is a tremendous resource for pastors, worship leaders, and media directors at your church. So dig in!

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